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Guan Yin, Godess of Mercy

some of these poems appear in Enter Water, Swimmer  or in Dear October

  • Blue Mesa Review (2003 and 2005): “On Each Horizon at Dusk” and “The Ear is a Bony Labyrinth”

  • Borderlands, Texas Poetry Review (2016): “Szymborska”

  • Boulevard (2017): “Girl with a Pearl Earring”

  • Canary (2020): “Death of the Botanist”

  • The Columbia Review (2013): “Widow Fetish”

  • Choice Words (2020): “New Religion

  • Chiron Review (2020): “Autobio Religioso”

  • Cortland Review (2015): “After the Diagnosis

  • Gargoyle (2020): “Rembrandt, Late Self-Portrait,” “Lorca's Lover,” and “Vissions of Johanna, jpg #12

  • Indiana Review (2003): “Dr. Zhao’s Herbs”

  • Innisfree Poetry Journal (2007): “Boy,” “Milagros,” and “Roma

  • The Museum of Trees Anthology (2019): “Unholy Sonnet,” “Bangkok,” and “To Have a Mind of Trees”

  • New Guard (2012): “Dinner with Hades”

  • New Mexico Discovery Anthology (2006):  “Union,” “Day Two,” “Astrology,” “Africa,” “Mexico, the Dig,” and “I Read the Newspaper”

  • Nimrod (2004):  “Anatomy”

  • North American Review (2023): “In the Sky of the Mesa

  • One: “Marie Laveau” (previously under different title)

  • Oranges & Sardines (2008):  “Madonna with Child, Christmas Eve,” 
    “St. Vincent’s Infirmary (Hotel Pain),” and “Born on Rembrandt’s Birthday

  • Poemeleon (2010):  “Girl Reading a Letter, Vermeer” and “Sonogram”

  • Poet Lore (2008):  “Acupuncture with Dr. Hao”

  • Poetry (2016): “Yellowtail

  • Prairie Schooner (2015):  Leave the Barren Fields”

  • Rattle (2018): “Intimate” 

  • Santa Fe Literary Review (2015):  “Hymn” (published under
    different title)

  • Santa Fe Writers Project (2013): “Frida Kahlo, Self-Portrait with
    Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird

  • St. Petersburg Review: “Love in the Time of Insurgency”

  • The Massachusetts Review (2018) and
    Poetry Daily (2018): “Vespers

  • The Monthly Review (2004): “Photographer of War” republished in The Magazine

  • The Museum of Trees Anthology: “Unholy Sonnet, “Bangkok” and “To Have a Mind of Trees”

  • Windmill, Oklahoma University (2000): “Baggage”

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